The PowerShell Virtual Chapter is geared towards those wanting to learn more about PowerShell and to share best practices.

PowerShell for SQL Server Database Administrators

As a DBA, PowerShell can help simplify tasks that you do every day, as well as tasks that you do every once in a while. The goal of the SQL PASS PowerShell Virtual User Group is to get you as excited about PowerShell as we are, if you aren't already. If you're already pumped up about PowerShell and SQL Server, consider presenting for us!
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Tue, May 10 2016 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Advanced PowerShell Development


Advanced PowerShell Development

Many people know how to use PowerShell for administration tasks but did you know you can use PowerShell for any type of application development? However, to develop effectively with PowerShell, you need to understand its unique features. In this presentation you will learn how to: maximize reuse with advanced functions using cmdletbinding, increase extensibility with script modules, add support for user interaction, efficiently access SQL Server, add support for application configuration and add support for pipeline processing.

Bryan is the author of Pro PowerShell for Database Developers by Apress available on Amazon. He is a Business Intelligence consultant with decades of database development experience. He has been working with the SQL Server stack since 1997 and implemented projects in the banking, insurance, e-commerce, utility, and health care industries. Bryan founded and leads the RI BI PASS chapter. He holds a bachelor of science in computer information systems and an MBA.

Previous Webcasts

Below are a few of our previous sessions. Check out our meeting archive for a full list of webcasts. Or just head
straight to our YouTube channel If you have a request for a specific SQL related PowerShell topic, let us know!

High Class PowerShell: Objects and Classes in PowerShell

In this session SQL Server MVP Robert Cain focuses on the ability to create custom objects in PowerShell, covering PowerShell versions 3 to 5. Then, he looks at the new Class and Enum types included with PowerShell 5, and how to incorporate classes into your own modules.

This session is for people already familiar with PowerShell and are wanting to take their skills to the advanced level by learning how to create their own objects and classes.

SQL Server’s sqlcmd on Linux using Windows Authentication

You've heard that SQL Server will soon be available on Linux, but did you know that the client tools have already been ported *and* they support Integrated Authentication? Watch as PowerShell MVP and SUSE Certified Linux Administrator Chrissy LeMaire shows SQL Server MVP Aaron Nelson how to install Linux, join an Active Directory domain, login as a domain user, and execute a SQL query against SQL Server using sqlcmd.

Documenting SQL Server with PowerShell

In this webcast, Sander Stad will show you show how easy it is to use PowerShell to retrieve information from your servers. He'll detail what can be used to document your servers, how to retrieve the information and what should be documented. In the end you no longer have an excuse not to document your servers.

PowerShell Unbound - Tips & Tricks

PowerShell MVP Jeff Wouters presents a session all about tips 'n tricks you can use in PowerShell. Mostly practical, some improve performance of scripts and others are just plain fun.